Hello again Hairffectionate!,

So I was in a service during the week when the word came “you can’t score goals without having a goal post!”. And I thought to my self  *wawu! wawu!!* (like literally, this is how I exclaim in my head sometimes), while I was busy setting goals for the year and so on and putting some in motion, I forgot I haven’t even set goals for my hair! (can you believe it?.. lol). That’s on a lighter mood, but seriously I think its important to deliberately set goals for something if you want to see any changes or improvement, So if you are like me and you crave healthy and/or long hair and you are yet to set for your healthy hair journey, lets do this shall we?


Below you will find a hair length chart that shows you various possibilities (with emphasis on POSSIBILITIES!) If you want your hair to reach the floor, it is possible most likely  not this year, but  with patience you can reach the length and degree of health you want it to.

So the chart has various hair length stages and common hair lingua with abbreviations that are common among hairffectionates…. check this out!


Now, what’s your current length and where do you hope it will be this time next year? Having in mind hair grows at least half an inch every month meaning 6 inches more same time next year right?.

Mine is somewhere around MBL (mid back length) (more updates about how I achieved that coming up in subsequent blog posts),  but my goal is WL (waist length)


(phew! another long post… lol… Stay tuned for the next post (it’s a DIY…*WINK*).. I Promise it will be shorter  *grinning* …




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