Hello Hairffectionate,

Contrary to how the title sounds, I am so excited and relieved at the same time (you’ll find out why shortly).

I wanted to do a post for beginners, you know something that will also refresh our minds too for the pros and those already into healthy hair practices, highlighting the basics and what not for a healthy hair journey but my wash day got me feeling like my hair became born again! (As if… lol)

But heey!, can I please just quickly make noise about my beautiful encounter (giving puppy eyes*)… hehehee…. Thanks!

After I took out my weave… remember it?… yeah this one below.


I noticed the amount of hair I lost to detangling resembled some kind of rodent. So I assumed moisture was the problem and I armed myself with a spray bottle, leave-in conditioner and some oils, moisturizing everyday like a gangstar…. But still my hair was falling!

I’ll pass my fingers through my hair and a couple of strands will follow suite (did I say a couple) EVERYTIME! Then I recalled something I learnt in my early days of a “not so serious healthy hair journey” which is: Breakage can sometimes be caused by a Moisture-Protein imbalance, too much moisture and very little protein in hair can lead to breakage and vice-versa.

Quickly, I decided to infuse protein anyhow into my next wash (hardcore baby.. lol)


  • So I clarified with this SALSA keratin shampoo I found one day (I’ll be doing a review soon)
  • Conditioned with the SALSA keratin Conditioner (everything keratin I could find… I meant business, plus I sensed my hair was weak
  • I blended an egg with the aloe Vera gel I scrapped out from one I got from the little plants I’ve got growing somewhere in the house.
  • I added a little of the SALSA keratin Conditioner and my fave conditioner of all-time ORS replenishing conditioner, just to give my concoction a little thickness and of course for strength.
  • c360_2017-02-04-19-11-59-151
  • I sectioned my hair into four and applied generously from roots to ends then, I covered my head with a plastic bag (this does the trick for me)
  • I improvised with my Blow drier as a steamer (I’ll show you how later), then I rinsed out after 30 mins (I didn’t stay under the blow drier that long though)
  • Then I rinsed my hair…. MY MY MY!!!… immediately I felt the difference. (my hair felt stronger, It obeyed me… lolzz)
  • I wanted to go for a coffee rinse (don’t worry I’ll explain why in subsequent posts …) but I didn’t.. instead I decided to do an ACV (apple cider vinegar rinse), (acv is known to balance PH and also close your hair cuticle, thereby improving its shine)
  • So I mixed one part ACV to two parts of water (diluting it) and rinsed with a blast of cold water
  • I t-shirt dried my hair and applied a generous amount of olive oil when it was like 75% air dried.


Words can not describe.. lolzz, I’m currently passing my fingers through my hair and…. Nothing… no more falling strands… *grinning*



P.S: If you are a beginner, don’t be overwhelmed or discouraged by some of the terms or products I used (I’ll be explaining more in subsequent posts). Also there are reasons behind the use of every product in my deep conditioning treatment and I may not be able to touch all in one post, but trust me, I’ll be making plenty noise about them in subsequent posts,

Have you had any experiences like mine, I would love to hear your experience, please comment below or email me @

come back soon




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