Hello Hairffectionate,

So today I’ll be talking about how HAIRFFECTION  came about. A short story, hope you enjoy it…

I was that kid who had what I’ll like to describe as “ok” hair. My hair would mostly stay the same length  or break a little  then grow back but that was just it. Even though I never really understood  that my hair could be longer and healthier than it was, I was kinda obsessed with my hair as a kid. Or maybe it was hair in general. I remember as an eight year old, I would stand in front of my mum’s mirror (while she’s in the kitchen) and slather almost half of her bottle of pink oil all over my hair. I would comb my hair like one hundred times, style in different ways, even act a little drama… lol!.  Sometimes I made my sister tag along and style her hair too.

Before I resumed High school, I had what you’ll call *a big chop!*….. As time went on I started growing my hair out and people around me began to notice it.

Fast forward to several years later, I was surfing the net one day and came across African ladies with long, beautiful, healthy hair… Imagine my amazement, I couldn’t believe my eyes because here in Nigeria, it was common belief that only a few are blessed with long hair and try as you may your hair won’t grow past a certain length, some people believed you even have to be what we call *mami water*… lol!.

Well being hair obsessed you can imagine my resolve after seeing these beautiful African ladies having something I was secretly coveting. I started doing my own research, watched YouTube videos, had a lot of trial and errors, changing the way I cared for my hair, I stopped bad practices that could lead to breakage, hey I even went to a cosmetology school at some point (but I didn’t get to graduate because I had to go back for my masters in Architecture). I imbibed every lesson I learnt and it paid off!.

I started noticing the difference in my hair’s manageability , texture and length. At some point I  took part in the NHCG (Naija Hair Can Grow) 6 inches challenge for 2014 (results below)

ENTRIES AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR 2014 (notice the ends, my trimming session had gone wrong) 



I would go to my local salon and other clients there would be amazed and even ask me questions like if I’ve ever cut my hair, or if it runs in my family or  what am I using on my hair or what relaxer I use. And that’ s when I thought “How about I pay it forward!”. Even though I haven’t reached my goal length yet, I’ll like to share my journey, experiences and also act as a guide to those ladies  (or even guys) interested in having long healthy hair or even just healthy hair.

Everything I’ve learnt and will be learning is what I’m going to be sharing on Hairffection.

I want those who don’t already know that they can grow their African hair healthy and long too… Be you natural, texlaxed or relaxed, I believe we can all learn a lil something something from one another.

I hope you enjoyed this post

In the next post I will be giving my take on how to grow black hair long and healthy.

Come back soon.




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