HEALTHY HAIR JOURNEY… (an hairffectionate’s take on the basics)

Hello hairffectionate,

Well here’s that BASICS post I talked about….no I didn’t forget *grinning*.

These days there has been an increase in awareness on how to care for black hair… well hair in general. While there’s a huge tendency to get overwhelmed by the growing wealth of information out there, I’ve got two things to say to you:

A. Breathe…. Hey! Calm down, decide what you want to achieve with your hair, make up your mind to go for it and have fun while at it.


B. Patience….. Rome was not build in a day you know. If you want healthy and (or) long hair, you’ll have to be patient with your hair and yourself. Achieving length takes time.


Alright, let’s go!

  1. Embrace a healthy diet and eating habit..

Remember all those people who told you at some point “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”, well… turns out they were right. Take foods that are rich in Proteins (e.g beans, eggs, chicken), biotin (e.g. eggs, chicken, kidney, legumes, yolks, bananas, oats, liver, and sardines), vitamins A, B, C and D. And drink lots of water (to boost moisture supply to those strands). All these will not only affect the appearance of your hair, skin and nails, they would affect your overall health positively…. So you got nothing to lose.

         2. Stop those bad hair practices…


You know those things you used to do like:

  • Combing through your whole mass of hair or detangling with a fine tooth comb
  • Leaving a protective style in for 5wks-two/three months or more
  • … and just neglecting it if you must (all in the name of growth)
  • Tight protective hair styles (this doesn’t necessarily make the style last longer)
  • Using wrong styling tools (e.g. those rubber bands we love so much)
  • Over processing: leaving your relaxer in for a long time waiting for your hair to be “done”
  • Not washing your hair until you feel it itching…

Well the list goes on….

Point is, if you want to see positive results you’ll need to reduce those bad hair practices and adopt good ones, if not all efforts, products, or time you put into this journey will be futile.

3. Listen to your hair…


This is like my hair motto/ mantra of all time! It’s because I’ve come to notice that hair varies from person to person (race or colour be damned). Everything you’ll learn on this platform will serve as a guide for you, to help you listen to your hair and give it what it needs to grow healthy, long (if you’re longing for length), and flourish.

So, get to know your hair, fall in love with it, pamper it, give it what it loves (you might need to try out new stuff from time to time).

4. Build a healthy hair regimen…


This has to be really intentional coupled with some healthy hair habits and you are on your way to achieving awesome results!….

To build a healthy hair regimen, don’t feel like it’s going to be tedious or you’ll have to break the bank or you won’t have the time or you’ll have to follow one boring time table…. So not true…

In the next post, I’ll be talking about BUILDING A HEALTHY HAIR REGIMEN and my health hair regimen….

I hope this post was helpful especially to the beginners…

Come back soon.



Disclaimer: pictures used in this post are not mine.


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