THE PREAMBLE … reason for a healthy hair regimen

Hi there Hairffectionate!

So I know I said I was going to put up a post on building a healthy hair regimen, but I was thinking I should do a preamble post first you know, something to give you background knowledge and motivation, give you reasons as to why should even have a hair regimen, and give you reasons to indulge, be patient and be consistent enough to see results.

Maybe you want long hair, maybe you want healthy hair, maybe you want both or simply just healthy hair. The truth is I’ve come to learn that none is entirely independent of the other…. Let me explain: If your hair is healthy, you are sure to experience increase in length provided you keep it healthy with continuous healthy hair practices. If your hair is long, you should experience increase in length too as long as you “continue” to care for it and indulge in healthy hair care practices. And if your hair is damaged, breaking etc…. adopting healthy hair care practices is key to curbing and totally eliminating these enemies of healthy and long hair.

I’m sure by now you can already tell that health precedes length; if you keep your hair healthy, give it what it needs to thrive and flourish, it will grow!

Now, Ive had people ask me what’s the secret or what I use on my hair so that they can use it too. Honestly, while there are very good products out there, there is no “ultimate-all-in-one bottle-magic-potion” that will just make your hair spring forth speedily.

I have learnt that hair growth takes time and patience but. Adopting a healthy hair regimen and complementing it with other healthy hair practices are ways I was able to achieve results.

Early in my journey I found out that average hair grows about half an inch every month, meaning 6 inches every year! Can you imagine! “so where did my additional six inches of last year go?” you might ask… Keep calm, that’s where a healthy hair regimen comes in…. You see, your hair does grow, that’s why you say “my hair is due for a relaxer” (for the relaxed) Or my hair seems to be tougher at the roots (for the naturals and relaxed)…. It’s because you’ve had additional growth… but it doesn’t look like it you might add. That’s because the length you’ve been growing is not being retained (you get my drift now?)

This is where your healthy hair regimen and hair care practices come in. You see, the key to long and healthy hair is LENGTH RETENTION, you want to preserve and care for the hair already on your head so that when there’s additional growth, you can see the results and the difference is clear!

A healthy hair regimen is a system in which one fine tunes a series of healthy hair practices determining when and how they use quality, good and suitable products for their hair  and complementing it with other healthy hair practices. (-Hairffection, 2017)….*lol! I’ve always wanted to do that*

A typical one will consist of things you do daily, weekly, monthly etc…. you can set a timer, write down or simply be conscious of the things you do and don’t do.

P.S: Creating one will make you understand your hair better, because you’ll be forming a relationship so to speak with your hair!…*grinning*… relax, this is going to be fun!

So till the next post on building a healthy hair regimen…..



Disclaimer : pictures used in this post are not mine

Shout out to all those who have been sending me feedback, asking questions, making suggestions, commenting and supporting me on this journey… I see you, God bless you all.


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