Hi there hairffectionate, So I’m doing an update on “my current hair regimen” as I would any time I switch things up a little bit in my regimen. I would have just gone for telling you about my healthy hair regimen in general, but I’ve discovered my hair regimen has never been the same for too long (comparing my first ever regimen to my current … Continue reading MY CURRENT HEALTHY HAIR REGIMEN

…About my last wash day!

Hello Hairffectionate! Last Sunday was Washday and I want to share how it went! During the week I pondered on the next “treat” to give my hair and I remembered seeing Avocados around  (looks like its avocado season here). And you know what?  I’ve never used avocado on my hair before 🙋…. Yeah really. So  I decided to buy one ripe Avocado and a can … Continue reading …About my last wash day!


Hi Hairffectionate, Today’s post is about BUILDING A HEALTHY HAIR REGIMEN, what you should know and basic things that a healthy hair regimen comprises of…. Creating a healthy hair regimen is one of the vital keys to a successful healthy hair journey. In it you’ll learn to understand your hair and give it what it needs to thrive and flourish. WHAT IS HAIR REGIMEN? A healthy … Continue reading BUILDING A HEALTHY HAIR REGIMEN