…About my last wash day!

Hello Hairffectionate!

Last Sunday was Washday and I want to share how it went!

During the week I pondered on the next “treat” to give my hair and I remembered seeing Avocados around  (looks like its avocado season here). And you know what?  I’ve never used avocado on my hair before 🙋…. Yeah really.

So  I decided to buy one ripe Avocado and a can of coconut milk to give a richer mix.

Coconut milk is known for its nourishing and conditioning effects on hair and to give a cooling sensation on the scalp. Though I’ve used coconut milk before, I wasn’t sure how my hair will respond to avocado 😕.

Avocado is notorious for its moisturizing effects on hair and is sure to leave your hair shiny and manageable and easy to detangle…  So I had to try it!

The  players at the washday

1) shampoo

2) conditioning

3) olive oil

4) coconut oil

5) Organic root simulator (ORS)  dry scalp relief oil


The steps:

1) so I parted my hair into six sections   and braided. This makes it easier to concentrate on my scalp and not the body of my hair.

2) I washed  with my salsa shampoo, rinsed off and used a cotton T-shirt to dry off excess water. (I used a cotton T-shirt and not a towel because the fibre on cotton T-shirts are less abrassive on hair’s cuticle compared to those on towels which is why it is best to dry hair  with a T-shirt and not a towel )

3) then the mixologist in me  came alive 🙌. I cut open the avocado, excavated the flesh 😁 and mashed it up in a bowl.

4) I poured the coconut milk into the mash using my discretion to achieve the thickness of the paste I wanted to apply in my hair.

Yum!  I must say I tasted this mix…  What 😏 it’s just  avocado and coconut milk, I haven’t added anything else yet! 

5) then I added my Ors replenishing conditioner to make the paste thicker  (we don’t want any dripping things do we?…

6) then I added 2 spoons of coconut and 2spoons of olive oil to the mix and made sure I mixed thoroughly 😉.

Here’s what the final mix looked like 

7) (remember my hair is still in twisted sections) … So I applied the mix in sections, detangling with my fingers and applying from the roots to the ends  (tips) .

8) I then covered with 2 plastic bags (I must have mentioned shower caps don’t cut it for me 😧)and I left to deep condition for 45mins .

9) after that I rinsed out the mix  and T-shirt dried  and my oh my😆!

10) then I left to air dry and after my hair was like 75% dry, I oiled each section with coconut oil from roots to tips.


1) Some particles of the avocado were stuck in my hair…  MORAL LESSON : I’ll be blending the mix next time.

3) overall my hair felt wonderful …I’m definitely trying this treat again 😆😆😆😆😍.


How did your washday go?…  Have you started on that hair regimen yet?


Have you ever used coconut milk or Avocado on your hair before?…


Please feel free to share your experiences, leave  your comments and questions in the comments section.






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