Hi there hairffectionate,

So I’m doing an update on “my current hair regimen” as I would any time I switch things up a little bit in my regimen. I would have just gone for telling you about my healthy hair regimen in general, but I’ve discovered my hair regimen has never been the same for too long (comparing my first ever regimen to my current regimen… well let’s just say I’ve come to understand my hair more). From time to time I discover products, natural oils, techniques and so on that really work for my hair and these have helped inform some of the things I do in my hair regimen. Well let me just get to the gist:

DAILY: lately I, my spray bottle and oils (especially coconut oil) have been having a love affair.. lol. So I moisturize with my own home made mixture of water, coconut oil, Eucalyptus oil and olive oil in my spray bottle (sometimes mornings, other times before bed). Then I seal with castor Oil. (Full stop!) As in seriously, that’s it once I’ve done it once that day. The L.O.C method works for my hair but these days I’m looking for more time saving techniques. Then I sleep in a satin scarf at night to prevent any moisture loss to my bed, I swapped my cotton pillowcase for the same reason.


EVERY OTHER DAY: scalp massage with castor oil or any oil my hair is feeling at the moment. Or any oil that tackles whatever needs my hair might be craving. E.g I use a mixture of eucalyptus oil when my scalp is itchy and castor oil when my hair is frizzy.

WEEKLY: I co-wash (conditioner wash) with my ORS replenishing conditioner. I do this especially when my hair feels “too clean or ok to use a shampoo” and “to dry to go without some moisture and strengthening boost”

BI-WEEKLY: Every two weeks is wash day for me! (yay!) Lol… most times I’m excited about wash day because it’s another opportunity to explore my hair, kinda like a date (lol…I don’t know if that makes any sense). THE MENU FOR WASHDAYS include: CLEANSING (WASHING), DEEP CONDITIONING, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR RINSE/COFFEE RINSE/ TEA RINSE, THEN CONDITIONNING. So I’ve been washing my hair with my SALSA KERATIN SHAMPOO, deep conditioning with homemade DIY packs and conditioning with either ORS replenishing conditioner or SALSA KERATIN CONDITIONER. I make sure I T-SHIRT dry with a cotton T-SHIRT to reduce frizz and avoid breakage, then I air dry.


EVERY 3 MONTHS: Last year my touch ups and trims were every 3 months (12 wks) but I took a chance in August 2016 and stretched my relaxer to December 2016 (4 months, that’s 16wks). My last touch up was in December 2016 so I should be due for another touch up and trim in March 2017 (3 months post relaxer). Well, while I’m still sticking to my Trimming schedule I’m planning on stretching my relaxer to June 2017 (6 months post relaxer, that’s 20 wks).

PROTECTIVE STYLING: while I have no time table yet for protective styling, if my hair is not in a weave, wig or braids, I like to style my hair in buns or stylish up-dos that can last for between 2 days- 1wk. My braids and weaves or wigs could last up to 3-4wks with cleansing my scalp with baby wipes on days I would have co-washed or washed but can’t because of the braids, weaves or wigs.


PHEEW!, I think that covers it for now. I hope this gives you an Idea on how you can take control of the health of your hair and build a regimen that suites you and your schedule. It took me a while to carve my current regimen out and stick to it (washdays and all and juggling with work) and it’s been a learning process for me. I hope you too can carve out one for yourself and stick to it! Remember with consistency comes mastery!.

Have you gotten started on that healthy hair Regimen? Do you need help building one?, Do you already have one and you feel you need to tweak it or think you might be missing something? Do you seek help for severe hair health issues and need a referral to a professional within Nigeria? Feel free to contact me through the contact bar on the home page. (my consultation is free for now)

Till my next Regimen update then!





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