BLOG FEATURE; The winner of the #HairffectionBirthdayGiveaway

Hello there Hairffectionate, So it has been a week long giveaway and this this post is a two in one post: announcing the winner and a blog feature of the winner! I know I didn’t mention anything about dong a blog feature of the winner but it’s all part of the package… so let’s meet the winner…. NAME: ODERA ACHINGALE 1) Your hair is? 4c … Continue reading BLOG FEATURE; The winner of the #HairffectionBirthdayGiveaway


Hello hairffectionate! So today is my birthday and I’m thankful to God for the gift of life! I’ve been receiving loads of love from every angle and I wanna give back! So here goes.. I’m giving away a kuicare kit, a detangling comb and a satin bonnet. It’s A mini beginners kit of some sorts  to encourage someone to get started on that healthy hair … Continue reading BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!


Hello Hairffectionate! So, there are some habits I cultivated early in my “not so serious healthy hair journey” that really helped me even when I didn’t know what I was doing and I intend to share them. They are easy to cultivate and inexpensive. And inasmuch as they are easy to cultivate, they are also easy to forget with the growing wealth of information out … Continue reading 5 EASY HABITS THAT HELPED ME RETAIN LENGTH