2 TRUTHS AND A LIE; about moisture.

Hello Hairffectionate!,

So starting a new blog series aimed at filtering wrong information about hair in general  has been on my mind for a while now, because  I realize the whole point of hair blogs is for us to properly educate ourselves, but sometimes I see a lot of false information flying around on social media that make me think wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of “filter”  just so you know what is right and avoid confusion…just saying…   And that’s how I came about “2 truths and a lie”. Consequently I will be sharing 2 truths and 1 lie about any subject matter concerning black hair care or hair in general based on my personal experiences, research, or on the personal experiences or research of those who may possibly be featured…. Today’s post is about moisture. Enjoy x….


Ok, are we still contesting this? the need for moisture in your hair regimen CANNOT be over emphasized!. A lot of research has proven that black hair is the driest kind of hair and this is due to the kinky and coily nature of the hair which makes it difficult for sebum(natural oil produced by our scalp) or moisture  to travel down the shaft of our hair strands….. The solution to this is to deliberately provide some external source of moisture to avoid dry and brittle hair which can consequently lead to breakage…. let me just add this… MOISTURE IS KEY to healthy and long hair! and it is best to moisturize with water, or water based products (you’ll see “aqua” as part of the ingredients) How often should one moisturize their hair ? you might ask, well I say you “listen to your hair”. If it feels dry, moisturize!… if you’ve not moisturized that day, moisturize!


In the recent post on the blog feature, the winner rightfully said that moisturizing without sealing is a waste of time and I totally agree because  moisture evaporates… Although, a lot of times out of laziness or just plain fatigue I do moisturize without sealing but I’ve come to realize that the moisture disappears in a matter of minutes. You may not or may have come across some sealing methods which include: L.O.C (LIQUID followed by OILS followed by CREME) or L.C (LIQUID followed by CREME) to name a few. The point is the creme or the oil locks in the oil for a longer period of time, prevents the moisture from evaporating and keeps your hair strands moisturized and manageable. Finding which works for you is key… It’s always best to seal with natural oils (such as coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, avocado oil etc) or natural butters or whipped cremes (such as shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter etc)


Ok, I think the question we should be asking here is do oils or butters moisturize?

Anytime I hear statements like “this oil moisturizes” or “this butter moisturizes”, I cringe a little on the inside because I’ve come to learn that as long as it has no water content, or contains no humectants (substances capable of drawing moisture to the hair), It CANNOT moisturize (not on its own at least).

What do you mean oils don’t moisturize?

Okay,  let’s break it down a little,  what does moisture mean .

ACCORDING TO LONGMAN DICTIONARY moisture means small amounts of water that are present in the air,  in a substance or on a surface.

Pretty straight forward right?

Now let’s look at what to moisturize means.

ACCORDING TO MERRIAM WEBSTER DICTIONARY : moisturize means to add moisture to something.

Now are you thinking what I’m thinking? YEAH!!

Let’s put it together,  to moisturize your hair  is to add add small amounts of water or substances containing small amounts of water to your hair!


SOME HUMECTANTS INCLUDE : GLYCERIN, PATHENOL, HONEY, ALOE VERA JUICE, COLLAGEN etc…  (you should  find one or some of these listed in the  products you consider moisturizers.

Hope you enjoyed this post 😆.

Stay tuned for more posts on 2truths and a lie!





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