Hello Hairffectionate!,

Yes this post is about my hair. I realize I’ve not posted anything about my hair (busy with work and what not). So I’m starting a blog series titled “MY HAIR LATELY”. The aim is to share my journey and experience using products more frequently than I normally do, after all it is Hairffectionate diaries. I think this is going to be a thing, kinda like what I think of my last blog post “2 truths and a Lie” (if you didn’t read it, you should). So you’re gonna be seeing more posts on MY HAIR LATELY and 2 TRUTHS AND A LIE.

Ok enough of my plenty talk. lets talk about what I’ve been up to with my hair.

Oh my hair!!… on a more serious note I’m falling in love with my tresses every day. Even though work and my schedule have been threatening that love, turns out I’m a die hard fan of on my hair hehehe!.


  1. MY HAIR HAS BEEN ITCHING: Gee! this is something I thought I would never encounter because I can wash my hair for AFRRica! but after one certain wash day (so sorry I’ve not been sharing my wash days), my scalp started to itch so much I was so scared I was going to scrape it off with the way I was scratching!. I applied some eucalyptus oil to my scalp but noo it felt like it was worse!…  Anyways, I began to hunt for tea tree oil and any products that contain it since I read one time that tea tree oil soothes itching. I’ve never tried it before but I wasn’t skeptical because I’ve read a lot of good stuff about it. So I bought a small bottle of DNA TEA TREE OIL and KUI CARE KIT; Kui care’s range of products contain tea tree oil and cinnamon  and they had been on my wishlist.C360_2017-05-13-11-41-05-109
  2. MY EXPERIENCE WITH TEA TREE OIL: To me ehn, it’s like magic. One minute my scalp is itchy and immediately I massage my  mix of 1 cap of tea tree oil, 2 caps of cold compressed castor oil and 1 cap of Eucalyptus oil into my scalp, I automatically begin to feel relieved. You may be wondering why I still added the Eucalypptus oil when it felt like it was worse, well I didn’t want to believe the Eucalyptus oil made it worse. Plus Eucalyptus Oil has this pepperminty/ minty aroma to it and when i apply it to my scalp it feels really cool, so there was no way I was going to stay away!…. Overall, lets just say my scalp doesn’t itch as much as before and I’m experiencing good results with tea tree oil (sometimes I use it alone too).
  3. My Experience with the Kui care products line: Ok, since I’ve started using these products, let me just say I don’t itch as much. I like the obvious cinnamon smell they have and my favorite of the bunch is the spray leave-in conditioner!. Gee!, I mean I’ve read great reviews about it but I didn’t  know it was that good!… I can’t even remember the last time I used water to moisturize.C360_2017-05-14-21-23-20-166
  4. WEDNESDAYS  HAVE NOW BECOME WASHDASYS: Because of the struggle to maintain  balance between work on weekends and my passion, I’ve turned Wednesdays into my wash days (yeah! #washday Wednesdays), I think I can to do better with sharing my washdays.

    😊 no this is not a length check 😊
  5. NEW GROWTH ALERT!: Speaking of which I’m officially 21wks post relaxer(*happy dance*). that’s 5 months of stretch and my longest stretch ever!, and I’m not ready to do a touch up yet till June (*fingers crossed). I’ve been managing my new growth by co-washing mostly, deepconditioning on dry hair and detangling in sections. I realized that stretching can be a very delicate matter seeing that I’m dealing with two different texture and both having different needs and by co-washing (basically conditioner washing), deep conditioning on dry hair and detangling in sections, the two texture sort of “meet each other half way. The three techniques prevent tangling where at the line of demarcation of the two textures and overall there’s minimal breakage. Also the tea tree oil, castor oil and eucalyptus oil mix seams to be working wonders for both textures for me, I distribute the remaining mix on my hair strands (after moisturizing  that is) after I’m done massaging my scalp with the mix and my hair feels wonderful.

thank you for stopping by,

I hope some of my healthy hair practices where useful tips for you,

Are you stretching? have you ever experienced weird itching before? what products did you use?

please feel free to comment below.



(yeah I used my real name today; pronounced elfrida)


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