2 TRUTHS AND A LIE; about protective styles


Hello Hairffectionate!,

Today’s 2 TRUTHS AND A LIE is about PROTECTIVE STYLING AND LOW MANIPULATION STYLES. I really hope you find this enlightening… enjoy!

TRUTH 1: “Protective styles and low manipulation hair styles as an essential part of your healthy hair journey”, “you should do protective styles”….

Well, it’s true. Although, I’ve never really come across anyone who doesn’t like styling their hair, just that most times a lot of people don’t realize that they already do protective styling with their braids, weaves, buns, faux locs etc. So why is it I don’t retain length?, In fact I lose more hair when I utilize these styles. A lot of factors can be responsible for these e.g tight styles, too tiny braids, negligence once our hair is in a particular style, leaving the style in for weeks or even months without proper care.

TRUTH 2: “Protective styles help retain length”.

It’s true! I’ve come to realize that I save more length when I indulge in protective styling and low manipulation hairstyles. Though I can’t brag that I’ve never lost hair or had setbacks while protective styling, but as I learnt to do it right I discovered less breakage and hair loss if at all there’s any.

Hair neglect is usually the issue, most times a lot of people forget or don’t even know their hair still needs to be cared for while in a protective style and they end up carrying a style longer than necessary.

Now picture this, carrying a braided style for close to six weeks with no form of external refreshing of moisture to the hair, laying products upon products on your hair and scalp without cleaning in any form. By the time you’re taking down that hair style the hair strands will be so dry and any form of manipulation will result in snapping and breakage.

The importance of moisture cannot be overemphasized, click here to see why from the last 2 TRUTHS AND A LIE POST on moisture.



Try to moisturize by using a leave- in conditioner or better still a spray leave in conditioner to get to hard to reach areas of the hair and scalp if your scalp gets easily irritated by moisture in it in a protective style, then avoid it and focus on keeping it clean (I use baby wipes because its mild and some contain glycerin)


The reason is alcohol breaks down oils and it will break down the natural oils produced by your scalp (or the ones you might have applied). This can possibly lead to dry scalp, scaling, itching or dandruff.


THE LIE: “this protective style will “make” your hair grow longer”, hmmn I think we already discussed how hair grows in this post.

I’ve had people ask me if didi ( or matting) and kiko (African threading) will ‘make’ their hair grow because they think their hair doesn’t grow.  While slow growth can be attributed to some other factors or illnesses, these hair styles don’t have the capacity per say to “make” hair grow.

I remember when I used to hear “Ah thread makes hair grow” or “oh didi makes hair grow or full”. (I personally love these styles by the way)

In as much as these hairstyles and many more help save our strands in one way or the other, they don’t “make” hair grow in that sense. The reason you might notice some increase in length after taking out a protective style is because you have in fact left your hair alone for that period of time.  Over manipulation will decrease and you would have stopped combing every now and then, stopped pulling, tugging, and so on.this allows your hair to stay fallow for a while so to speak  and your follicles and strands lay undisturbed; meaning less breakage, less tangling, less detangling and overall more length retention.

So that is why you might notice some increase in length or even volume when you do protective styles.

Notice I said left alone not neglected. You still need to moisturize, oil your scalp (If you’re that kinda gal (some people complain of itching after putting products on their scalp, so they minimize that).

So now that you know, your hair grows, don’t let anyone coerce you into doing a style you really don’t want to do. Have fun with your journey, do you, care for that beautiful mane of yours and watch it thrive and flourish!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please leave your comments below, I would love to hear from you.

Till the next post,





Doing a protein treatment before you do a protective style will reduce the risks of breakage or damage that might be incurred during the process.



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