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This is a continuation of my last post since I’m yet to relax my hair. It’s been 26 weeks since my last relaxer and I simply want to share how I’m coping because it’s been one very trying ride in which I have contemplated doing different things with and to my hair like going natural, locking my hair, cutting my hair, coloring it (all of which I admire by the way), and even simply quitting my healthy hair journey but noooo… hehehe I’ve weathered the storms and I’m sticking with my choice which is to grow my hair healthy, relaxed and strong (*for now, who knows what I might do next).

so here goes:C360_2017-06-04-09-31-33-980

  1. I’VE BEEN DOING EVERYTHING IN SECTIONS: phew!!!… gee!! with the different textures and the tangling and the matting up and the confusion on my side and my hair’s, I can testify that it is much easier to handle hair in sections. whether I’m washing, co-washing, detangling or deep conditioning, I part my hair into 6  plaited sections (some times 8) for ease of manipulation and application of products, I used to use 4 sections but as my roots got thicker, 4 sections got more tedious. So Lately, when I’m done applying products in my 6 sections I simply end up throwing on a wig (but I first protect my hair with a wig cap).
  2. I’VE BEEN STRETCHING THE NEW GROWTH!: Staying away from heat as much as
    possible is one beneficial tip that has helped me retain length (see other tips here). And I wanted to opt for this option but due to my “avoid heat as much as possible” policy I sought to use a heatless alternative to straighten my hair, especially the new growth. So I tried the BANDING METHOD. The banding method is actually a straight forward hair straightening method that can be used on natural, textlaxed and relaxed hair (or any hair type). All you need is a couple of ouchless or snagless small elastic hair bands. I parted my hair into 6 sections, moisturized and sealed, secured several bands at intervals along the length of a section and voila! by the time I took them out the next day it was not necessarily bone straight, but it was faaaaar better than letting the hair hang like that. you can try this on damp hair too but not soaking wet hair as the

    IMG_20170606_080056 (1)

    parts where the bands sit may remain wet and snap due to hydral fatigue (too much water in the strands over a prolonged period of time).  Stretching out that new growth which is prone to shrinkage by the way, resulted in less tangles and matting or crumpling up of hair at the base.

  3. MY TRIMMING GAME THOUGH: My fear for scissors ehn cannot be explained because of the experience I had when a friend assisted in trimming and became scissors happy! see hair story… anyways lets just say its the reason for my layered hair pattern. Hair around my nape (lower part of my head) is way way longer than hair at my crown (upper part of my head) and hair close to the edges shorter than the crown (but that’s analysis for another post)…. I noticed that trimming makes all the difference when you’re experiencing tangles. I remembered it has been a while since I trimmed,  and I saw this as a tip somewhere, so I did and believe me passing my fingers through and detangling was a breeze.
  4. MOISTURE-PROTEIN BALANCE: when I read and research sometimes, I never really understand until I experience it for myself with my hair… And I must say that this is the most tricky of them all. Sure moisture is important, in fact I cannot overemphasize its importance as I’ve mentioned once or twice. But one minute you feel like you’ve got it all figured out and your hair is moisturized to the max and nothing can ever go wrong,  next thing it’s just snapping anyhow and you’re wondering why oh why. More often than not I’ve realized that if my hair starts to misbehave after I’ve moisturized for days like a gangster, then It’s because I might have neglected to balance. So I’ve been alternating my deep conditioning treatments and home made DIY packs with moisture and protein; moisture one week, protein the other, then moisture, then protein. This is one of many ways to create a balance, some hairlistas  use protein treatment once a month. Some do a mixture of both any time they deep condition. Another way is to use moisturizing products with small amounts of proteins (You’ll see some of these ingredients in their list: hydrolyzed silk protein, amino acids, peptides). Another  way is to use products that help hair retain protein e.g Henna, clay or mud washes, coconut oil (ever wonder why some hairlistas claim their hair feels stringy or straw-like after they use coconut oil?… this is the reason) …. NOTE: BALANCE HERE DOESN’T NECESSARILY MEAN EQUILIBRIUM, OR EQUAL AMOUNTS OF PROTEIN AND MOISTURE, LISTEN TO YOUR HAIR, YOU MAY REQUIRE MORE AMOUNTS OF PROTEIN, YOU MAY NEED TO TAKE THE PROTEIN DOWN A NOTCH AND UP THAT MOISTURE SUPPLY. WHICHEVER WAY, PAY ATTENTION, THAT’S HOW YOU GET A HOLD OF THIS THING CALLED A HEALTHY HAIR JOURNEY AND  CREATE OR TWEAK A REGIMEN UNIQUE AND JUST RIGHT FOR YOU.


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