Hey guys, 

It’s been a while, trust you’re all good. Alright so this post is going to be short and simple (I hope).  So quick one! Y’all remember my looong relaxer stretch, 26 weeks to be exact. Click here to see how I coped. The goal was to see how much length I could retain and if stretching for that long can actually be beneficial to the  health of my hair …  Well I’ve got my verdict ready….  But first I’ll like to take you through how far I’ve come in my hair journey….  

The pictures above show  how practically damaged and unpredictable my hair was.. I had been absent mindedly taking care of it after I came across the healthy hair journey train and it was doing OK until I had a “TRIM”.. a friend decided to help me trim,  she became scissors happy and there you have it layered damaged ends. (not good layers BTW)  so I joined the NAIJA HAIR CAN GROW yearly 6 inches  challenge that same year (2014) and those were my entries and here was my result after a year 

Flat Ironed, still damaged … At this point I should have trimmed but the fear of scissors had been instilled in me… In my mind dusting was way better,  which worked because I got to proper bra strap length (without flat ironing) and probably crossed it a little…

See at this point☝ I started blogging and taking proper documentation or at least taking charge of my hair ….. NOTICE those ends?… My fear of scissors still didn’t let me do the right thing…  It’s obvious where I should have trimmed from….  But no…  I was holding on😥…. Well I paid for it dearly….  See how…. 


My mum looked upon my serious case of new growth and decided to help with my touchup😂….. Been a while (she has a flare for all things hair too😉).

But  I must say I was glad with my results even though the stretch process was not all that fun at all!… The results are not exactly great but it was better than I expected! See my hair !!!!😍😍😍😍😍…. Aiming for that waist like its nothing 😂😂😂.

Because I neglected trimming, I paid with breakage which resulted in terribly thin ends… Intense breakage might I add, during and after the stretch. Though I tried several deep conditioning masks and methods to keep the breakage at bay, I believe the dead and split ends contributed to the constant snapping and breakage .
Anyways I had to fix that and do the needful !  Even though my new length was giving me life, the ends where sucking the life right back!….  And so I chopped off a few inches! 


I flat ironed and trimmed with the help of a stylist whom I  met at Covenant University while I visited. I gave her directions on what I wanted to achieve and I think she did a pretty cool job…Voila!!!

Here’s my new length ☝…  Didn’t use my length check shirt because I was out…  But I think I’m still at bra strap length… What do you think?…. My ends look thicker after my cut and the overall body of the hair looks much better 💪.
Will I stretch for this long again?….  Probably… Maybe not anytime soon because the breakage got me thinking I had health issues at some point…  But for the breakage, the length difference would have been worth it all…. Good thing is the “ex-new growth ” feels so good, shiny and well preserved might I add.    So I’m kinda in the middle when it comes to stretching for that long, I think I’ll be sticking with 12-16 wks for now, till I muster some courage again.
 Meanwhile I’m continuing this journey with fresh ends. Let’s see how it goes next time…. 

 The lesson I’ve learnt over these few years is that trimming should be a part of my regimen and trimming often will prevent breakage and help retain length in the long run. How often?… I think 3 months because I was dusting every 3 months, now I’ll replace the dusting with actual trimming. 

Are you stretching?, have you ever stretched before?, how did it go.  Please feel free to leave a comment below. 

Thanks for reading! 




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